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Well, it never ceases to amaze me how weird some things that happen during my ride to or from work are. Tonight whilst riding down the PSP from the city towards Canning Bridge I had a cyclist say to me that my lights were to bright and that I was dazzling other cyclists.

Being concerned that this was the case I made sure that my lights were appropriately positioned and were not blinding any of the on-coming bikes/runners.  My concerns were immediately put to rest when they really were positioned well, facing the ground and not causing any issues.  I then said to the cyclist that I was happy with them and I was satisfied that no problems were being caused.  He then told me I was a wanker and to get off the path.  Surprised by this statement I asked him to explain this to me, obviously the foul mouth he had confirmed that he was not able to hold up or substantiate his argument.

He then also went on to tell me that I was also very irritating for using my bell to warn pedestrians and other cyclists that I was approaching.   I found this all very difficult to stomach, as if anything I am very anti bad behaviour on the cycling paths, always using lights, warning approaching people and never going through red lights, something I cannot say for lots of cyclists.  I might also mention that this cyclist only had a single LED light on the front of his bike.  Not exactly what I would call safe.

Unfortunately this is were I slipped up a little bit, instead of acting like the better person I also called him a wanker, something I really should have not done.  Dropping myself to his level was not a good thing to do.  However being told your a wanker for having lights and a bell, both of which are a legal requirement in Australia was quite a surprise.

I really am starting to find the quality of behaviour on our roads and bike paths very upsetting.  I am getting to the point were I am becoming embarrassed to admit to being a cyclist, something I have always been proud to tell everyone.  Is it really that much to ask to obey the road rules, be curtious and keep themselves and those around them safe.  It seems so.

I also took this very small video of a bunch of cyclists once again ignoring the red lights


How safe are our shared paths

Posted: September 26, 2009 in cycling
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I little while ago I posted about the lack of care and attention that pedestrians were giving whilst out walking, running etc.  i tried to make points both for and against both sides of the arguments.  In summary I thought it was about time pedestrians made more of an effort to make themselves seen and heard on the shared paths of Perth.


Riding safely

However today I find myself having a dig at cyclists, I am a cyclist, I ride on the shared paths daily to work and also on the weekends.  I ride usually solo or with 1 or 2 friends.  I know that there are lots of bike stores that run rides from there respective stores, however I have to say that the safety aspect of some of these rides leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Today I went for a quick 40k around the river, the weather was great and I’m sure this brought out lots of fair weather cyclists, it was awesome.  What I did not find awesome was the lack of care and attention that was being displayed by some of the large peleton’s they were riding big packs travelling at very fast speeds around a path that really is not designed for this kind of use.  The paths were full of kids and parents doing there daily walks etc.  I have to ask myself what people are thinking when they travel in large packs on a small dual use path.

There are also the packs that run red lights, ride more than 3 abreast and generally cause a lot of trouble on the road.

How would you feel if you hit a pedestrian ? How would you feel if you hit a fellow cyclist ? How would you feel if you killed someone ? There have been cases of people getting killed whilst crossing a road that a cyclist felt the need to run a red light in Melbourne, it’s just not worth it.

This article from the Age back in 2006 reminds us how bad things can get.

Although this feels like a whinge, I also have to say that the vast majority of cyclists really are very careful and obey the rules of the roads and paths.  I encourage everyone to stay safe and obey the rules of the road.

I would appreciate your thoughts in the comments field.