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A few months ago, I did a what’s in the bag photo.  I really like these pics, just a random picture of what you have in your bag at any given time.  So here we go an update to “what’s in the bag”.

Todays bag is a Crumpler Seedy Three, a large messenger bag from Crumpler.  Its waterproof, very strong and very very comfy.  Bought from Ebay around 6 months ago it has been my daily bag for riding to work rain or shine.  Nothing gets wet, clothes and tech gadgets remain safe and put it simply I love it.  So what’s on the bag today :-

Express post envelope (just incase)
Tire Leavers/puncture repair kit
Bike Gloves 
Keys with 4gb USB key
How to lose friends and alienate people , Toby Young awesome book
16gb White iPhone, with iPod ear phones
Red Head tube, for cold rides
Not much in there today really, usually also have spare clothes etc for work.