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Half Marathon

Posted: February 7, 2010 in run
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Having been woken up at a crazy time by my good lady with a bad dream, I found myself unable to get back to sleep.  What should I do, xbox, PS3, play on the Mac.  Any of these would have been the easy and fun options at this time of the morning.

However having been a bit slack of late with my cycling and running I decided that  a run would be the order of the day.  I quickly got dressed, downed a 300ml coffee milk scoffed a chocolate Timtam and off I went.

My plan was just to do a medium length run, more than likely 10k or so.  However the condiditons in Perth today were just right and very appealing to the runner inside of me.  Not much wind, low temperatures and plenty of time to get out there.

As soon as I started running I knew I would not be happy with just a10k  it was just to perfect.  I kept the pace slow, mainly because I was tired, yesterday I drove back from Denmark in Western Australia, 450km of winding roads and concentration was essential.

Anyway I got into a routine and stuck with it, my plan was to achieve a constant 10km/h or 6min/km, this I have to say I found tough, every time I checked the GPS my speed was creeping up.  I managed to keep it low and managed to finish at 10.7km/h average.

All in all a great run and I cannot wait to try another 20-30k this coming Friday when I have an RDO.  Below is a snap from the GPS (motionx) from the run.

Its a pity I was not aware that a mate of mine, Lee Davis also run almost 20k today I think if we had hooked up we would have had much better times and possibly more distance.


Running 42k

Posted: November 20, 2009 in run
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OK, it’s been a along time coming but I have finally have a spare few moments and I thought I would do a quick write up about running a Marathon.

Firstly as most of you guys would know I decided to run this marathon with little or no running training, my furthest distance in the run up to the Marathon was 10km. My furthest run ever was 20k, 2 years before.

I was just hoping that my base fitness would get me through. I was thinking this as I have never had any real issues with aches pain’s etc whatever activity I have done before.

6AM the alarm went off and after a quick milkshake and a few cake bars I was off. My run would see me doing a large loop around the Swan River via South Perth and then down the freeway. I usually ride this route most days and I cant say that I really had any real panic.

The run started pretty non eventful, 5k, 10k, 15k all fell pretty easy. The half way point came and went and I was still feeling very very good. As I got towards the 30k mark I did start to struggle for the next 5k, at this point I did walk for a bit as well, but then I was so close to finishing I really didn’t care. t was then head down for the last few k and finish.

I did learn a few lessons on this run, most important, water and food. I almost certainly didn’t drink and eat enough and this had a bearing on my time, which although I was pleased with I really think that with better nutrition and company I could maybe have broken the 4hr mark which is what I was really aiming for.

I will put in some serious training in 2010 and then hopefully push through the 4 hr mark.

If there is anyone looking to run 42k for the first time then I think the best advice I can give once again is nutrition.

Ok I thought I would review my latest App Store purchase, Run Keeper.  Its a GPS based training device designed with runners in mind.  I do a little running, not much maybe 30k a week on average, I’m no expert or am I into it that much, however the app seemed appealing so I thought I would fork out the 12 bucks for it and try it.

The main features of the product are :-
  • Map your runs using GPS in Google maps on a personalised web page
  • Tracks speed and pace
  • Tracks distance.
This product will only work with 3G iPhones.
Ok so here goes.  I set ou ton my first run with Runkeeper yesterday just to test it out.  My usual 5k or so around the local oval was an ideal test run, as it just a short jog to get a feeling for the device working.   
First up open the App by clicking on it, you will then be presented with a initial screen asking you to input an email address and a password, this is used to track and log your runs at the end of your session should you want to.  Once that has been completed you will be presented with the actual screen that is used to start and stop your session.
The program will then start to report, several things which are of interest to runners, speed, pace and distance.  They are all displayed and updated in real time, although I just used my arm band and let it do its thing until the end of my exercise.  The app must remain open during your activity, however you can also listen to your ipod part of the iphone whilst using it.
The program also gives you a graph for every minute of exercise you have completed, showing average speed and pace for that minute, something that is handy to see where in your run you hit a low point.

Once you have completed your run, just hit save and your information will be saved to the device and also uploaded to your personal webpage, this time giving you  a map showing the route and KM/Mile markers along the way.  

All up this is a great way to track, runs, bicycle rides and even walks.  It gives you a pretty accurate picture of how your performing on your activities, the big plus for me is that I can se if I am improving, I can compare my performance for say a morning run  to an evening run.  I can compare how fast I am on one route to another of the same distance.  
There are a few things that I would have liked to have seen in the App, it would have been awesome if it could have pulled in data from the weather app and recorded the weather against each activity, as again the weather has a bearing on sports performance, also the ability to out put a file that is Google Earth compatible.  Maybe these are things that will appear in future releases.
But for now I am very happy with how it has turned out and for 12 bucks its something I will use more than Super Monkey Ball.
My score 8/10