Parking in Bicycle lanes

Posted: May 1, 2010 in cycling, ramblings
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This afternoon I had a few jobs to do whilst Heidi was out, one of them being dropping some DVD’s back off to the DVD store in Como.  The ride is short, quite enjoyable and for the most part very safe.  The main reason for this is that it is mostly on bicycle specific paths and/or bicycle lanes on the road.

However you can imagine my surprise when I got to Thelma St on my way to the DVD store when I found countless cars parked blatantly in direct path of the bicycle track.  The reason was that there was a football game on.  Ok not enough spaces, fair enough I hear you say.  How ever it was just down to plain laziness by the most part.  There were lots of parking spaces available in the car park adjacent to the oval, but as usual people take the lazy, closer option.

The reason I decided to pop a quick post on this subject was due to a guy out riding with his 2 young children that I witnessed having to dangerously ride out into the road to get past these parked cars.  Obviously nothing happened and they made to obstacle safe.  But why should they have to.

These people who make these decisions to park dangerously, illegally and annoyingly really do deserve to be fined.  I will pass on the details of the vehicles that were causing the obstruction to the local police, I will also get in touch with the committee at the Oval on Thelma St, maybe they will also be able to have a word with the guilty parties.

So there we have another example of the cyclist, the underdog having to adjust his or her behavior to accommodate the masses, the motorists.

  1. nathan says:

    white spray paint and paint the bike logo thats 50m on the roof of each car

  2. Alice says:

    I get really annoyed with bike lane parkers in our city too. Good for you for reporting them to the police!

  3. Greg says:

    The car is parked next to a parking sign. It appears the parking sign is a no standing sign. It would be interesting if it is. That would make it a double offense. I find it extraordinary that someone has so little regard for the law or other people.

  4. Becker says:

    That’s disgusting. Good on you for reporting it to the relevant people. I would also make the BTA aware about it as they regularly have meetings with the people who allocate lanes for bicycle use etc.

    Let us know how it goes

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