Cycling can be expensive – Or can it.

Posted: April 30, 2010 in cycling, ramblings
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As mentioned before countless times, I have tried to offer some tips on how to save money whilst purchasing cycling specific equipment. However I have been trying to think how it might be possible to save even more money buy getting stuff that works perfectly well for cyclists, but is not cycling equipment.

Here goes, thus far I have found 2 very competent replacements, both ultra cheap and as good as if not better than the cycling specific products they have replaced.

1 Gloves.

I have always been a bit take it or leave it with gloves during the hotter months I have no blister or rubbing issues and I think they offer little or no advantage to a fall, however there is no ignoring the fact that winter riding means that gloves are a necessity. Bitterly cold morning’s are enough to make your fingers literally feel like there falling off.

I have tried many gloves over the years most recent of the cycling gloves were manufactured by Netti and similar to these. They are sold as waterproof and they do an OK job, water gets in naturally after a while but all in all there ok.  RRP is around 50 bucks and you’ll get them for 45 if you shop around.

Ok my alternative for these are also waterproof, offer far far better padding and comfort than the above Netti’s and cost just a$10 bucks.  They are anti-vibration gloves, designed for working outdoors with a jack hammer or other tools that could cause issues with prolonged use due to vibration.

They look just as good to, so there is no letting yourself down when your out riding in your crazy coloured lycra.  These can be picked up from most tool shops, Bunnings and other places like that.

2. Eye wear.

There is no need to explain the importance of a good pair of protective glass’s.  The sun beats down hard, stones and water gets spat out of a rider in front, all of these things are protected by a pair of good sunnies.

Sure cycling specific specs offer great versatility, the ability to swap out lenses as weather suits, clear lenses for the night time rides and tinted during the day, however these are the one of the most over priced  things I have ever purchased for riding.  Plus to be perfectly honest they weren’t even that good.

What do I wear now?  Well I have stuck with a good brand, Bolle in this case, but I have gone for safety glasses.  Sure 1 pair one tint, so no swapping lenses on these baby’s however at a$9 bucks each I have bought 2 pairs.  They still look cool and are very very comfy.

So there you go, 2 ways you can save money by not buying the over priced glasses you find down your local bike store.  If anyone has any other alternative products I would really like to hear about them.

  1. Scott says:

    For protecting the chain stay try an old tube and secure with zip ties, cost almost nothing and saves a gd $20+.
    Invest in a good bike maintenance book and do your own service. Maybe $60 up front for a good book or 2 but after a few services you’ll reap the rewards (Aushiker is a champion of this)

  2. Michael R says:

    Great idea Craig, I’ve been thinking of getting some full-fingered gloves, so I might just give them a go!

  3. Hi

    Great idea for a post. A couple of things to add. As Scott suggested do as much of your own maintenance as you can. Lennard Zin’s books are good as is the Park Tools Blue Book. I find that you did need at least two and even then a judicial Google search helps sometimes. Oh, the Bicycle Tutor is good to at

    On gear, I use LED torches rather than bike lights. A lot cheaper and much better bang for the buck. Ultrafire from are a good option. My notes on what I use etc are at

    Have fun

  4. Becker says:

    You didn’t mention where you got the Bolle’s from? I’d be keen to check them out as I had a rough time the other night on the freeway cycle path with midges

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