Single Speed Chaos

Posted: April 24, 2010 in cycling, ramblings
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Ok I love cycling, I mean really love it.  I ride lots, I ride to work, the shops and around to mates houses for beers.  You could say I am an addict.

Some of the sexiest bikes I have ever seen are singlespeed or fixies, there totally awesome.  You can imagine how pleased I was today when around 50 singlespeeds went flying past my work today, there were all different colours and sizes and some pretty funky people riding them.  Awesome.

Then the lights changed to red, I thought I might get a closer look.  However I have never seen such a bad example of road manners and illegal riding as I witnessed today.  Every single one of them, I really do mean every one of them went flying straight through, running the red.  Motorists were gobsmacked, as was I.  People were beeping, motorists had no idea what to do or were to go.

The cyclists were laughing and joking as they caused chaos on the road.

I managed to capture a bit of it on video from my phone, it’s not great quality but it gives you a small idea as to how bas this actually was.  It’s little wonder I find it difficult to justify cycling to my non cycling friends when we are witness to this behavior on an all to regular basis.

I would be interested to hear your view’s on this.  From cyclists and non cyclists alike.

  1. Hi there, nice post. I’m not sure what to say about this. I’m an advocate of bikes and of bicycle safety so it isn’t good to see this sort of thing going down. I’d have to get a better look at the area and the situation in order to make my final analysis however. What do you think about it?


    • craigjdurkee says:

      I find it hard work to be honest. For every bit of good work someone does promoting bicycle safety etc there are fifty fools that throw it back at you.

      These people were so uninterested in the law, I really don’t know how someone didnt get hurt.

      Its a shame but it might just take one of them to have an accident to really appreciate how important it is to act responsibly on the road. Having been hit by a car myself. I know how bad it can be.

  2. craigjdurkee says:

    I also forgot to mention the majority of them were not wearing helmets!!!!!

  3. GenghisKhan says:

    I’m a fan of obeying traffic regs, especially on busy streets and intersections, though I may bend the rules a bit when things get rural, no traffic, etc. Based on what you’ve shown/explained, it seem kinda irresponsible.

  4. Michael R says:

    Yeah, I agree with you on that one.. i too appreciate the bikes, and to some extent the culture as well, but the blatant disregard for any kind of traffic rules definitely doesn’t wash with me..

    Mind you, it’s not just the fixie riders that do it – on my commute each day, I have had plenty of people, from kitted-out roadies to just casual riders on their MTBs, pass straight by me when I’m waiting for a red light to go green. I usually give a ‘friendly’ shout to them as they pass, and then catch+pass them with a dirty look once the light goes green.

    And it’s not so much the disregard for the law or their own safety that annoys me, it’s the fact that it reflects so badly on the rest of us that do the right thing. And people wonder why a lot motorists have attitudes towards us! =\

  5. GenghisKhan says:

    Correct, not just the fixies out there messin’ with the cyclists reps. Probably the only ones not breaking any laws is the recumbent crew… ;o)

  6. I’m from San Francisco (California), though I now live in Perth. One of the things I love about this area is the bicycling culture and all the cycle paths. I haven’t seen this much effort put into cycling infrastructure since I spent some time in Denmark and Netherlands. Having said all that: your video reminds me of antics of a number of cyclists in San Francisco, and not in a good way. There’s quite a bit of animosity between motorists and cyclists there, partly because tempers can flare as living gets more dense, and partly because of stuff like this. IMHO, folks who flout traffic laws to this extent put *me* in danger … if a motorist gets blown off by a cyclist spinning through a red light, that motorist might be more tempted to cut me off, when all I’m trying to do is get to work or to the shops.

    OK, ’nuff said, thanks for listening … keep up the blog! 🙂

  7. Becker says:

    It’s such a shame. Fifty riders together at the same time united in their love of single speed / fixed gear bikes. A perfect opportunity to spread the message about cycling as an alternative form of transport and instead of that each and every motorist is going home with a story they will tell again and again to their friends and loved ones and no desire to get on a bike themselves.

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