Out with the old in with the new (panniers)

Posted: April 23, 2010 in cycling
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So I have had my Tioga Panniers for some time now, they have been awesome.  Putting up with daily commuting, day rides in all sorts of weather and have lasted really well.  These panniers are good looking, low price and for the best part pretty waterproof.

However there time has come for me to retire these units and move onto something new with the winter rapidly approaching.

Its time to order the daddy of all Paniers, manufactured by Ortlieb, these are considered one of the best brands of panniers in the world today.  They have seen many a world trip and have held strong throughout for lots of people.

They also look pretty nice which is a big plus.  I have decided to order from UK website Wiggle.  Which as lots of you know I love shopping at.  The savings that can be made ordering online with free delivery over the standard purchase price here in Australia is staggering.  I managed to secure this set for a$130 including postage. The cheapest I could find locally were over a$200

The order has been placed for yellow, mainly due to visibility during commuting in the dark and wet weather of a Perth winter.

If your keen to find more details on these panniers you can check the link for Ortlieb

  1. Becker says:

    Awesome price you got them for mate. I’ve never bothered looking seriously at them due to the perceived expense.

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