Update on a Year Bike Store Free

Posted: April 20, 2010 in cycling, ramblings
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For those of you who know my opinions on Local Bike Store pricing here in Australia you will be familiar with a little experiment that I started last Sept in which I was planning to spend a whole year without purchasing anything from a bike store here in Australia.  You can find the original post here.

7 Months on I am pleased to say that things are exactly as I imagined them to be.  The local pricing is still sky high, the online prices, deals and voucher’s that are available are as good as they have ever been and I find myself totally at ease with not having to pay the rip off prices that are being demanded here in Australia.

I have also started to use online stores for other sporting goods as well such as Running shoes, shorts and tops.  All available for a fraction of the price that we are being held to ransom for here in Australia.

I am also pleased to learn that many of my colleagues and friends now also utilise the benefits of online shopping, cutting out the inflated local cost that is buying from your local shopping center, sports store, dvd store etc.  I think I can safely say that the only store in this country that I now believe to be value for money is JB HIFI, I continue to get good prices and good content from them whenever I visit.

I really do hope that many retailers read this post and others like it and try to become more competitive than they currently are, after all we would all like to keep our money in Australia, but as it stands how can we?

  1. Rodney Olsen says:

    I want to support local business but when I’m faced with the choice of paying under $100 or $260 for the same set of tyres, I have to vote with my wallet and buy online.

    The only problem at the moment is figuring out how long it’ll take to get items from the U.K. while flights are still grounded due to the volcano. Thankfully I don’t need anything too urgently.

  2. @Wilko72 says:

    I commented on your original post and was supportive of your decision. I am the same as you and to be honest haven’t walked into a LBS here in Perth since apart from a service. Recently I purchased from Chain Reaction a trainer that was selling local for $495 I paid $210. Along with additional items I received free delivery and it arrived in 6 days. I understand they need to survive thou it will be a tough slog treading water for them.

  3. Greg says:

    I bought my bike mail order from Sydney because it was the best deal I could find (50% off) but all my other cycling gear comes from overseas or Torpedo7. To save postage from Chain Reaction I have teamed up with members of Australian Cycling Forums for group buys. I have had perfect orders from Wiggle, Ribble, CRC and T7. Just one slight issue with one item in a CRC order but not the end of the world.

    The difference between buying local and overseas is that there is no customer service when buying online. That said, I am yet to receive great customer service from any bike shop in Perth.

  4. While I also prefer to shop online now days I haven’t been as “good” as you and have spent a little at local stores (gift vouchers) and an emergency purchase. I suspect for awhile yet I will probably still use my LBS for some repairs that I am unsure about taking on myself and for the odd bike purchase.


    • craigjdurkee says:

      At least you understand the need for change when buying stuff here in australia. So we are all halfway there.

      Now if everyone would go lbs free we would be into a winner

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