Running 42k

Posted: November 20, 2009 in run
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OK, it’s been a along time coming but I have finally have a spare few moments and I thought I would do a quick write up about running a Marathon.

Firstly as most of you guys would know I decided to run this marathon with little or no running training, my furthest distance in the run up to the Marathon was 10km. My furthest run ever was 20k, 2 years before.

I was just hoping that my base fitness would get me through. I was thinking this as I have never had any real issues with aches pain’s etc whatever activity I have done before.

6AM the alarm went off and after a quick milkshake and a few cake bars I was off. My run would see me doing a large loop around the Swan River via South Perth and then down the freeway. I usually ride this route most days and I cant say that I really had any real panic.

The run started pretty non eventful, 5k, 10k, 15k all fell pretty easy. The half way point came and went and I was still feeling very very good. As I got towards the 30k mark I did start to struggle for the next 5k, at this point I did walk for a bit as well, but then I was so close to finishing I really didn’t care. t was then head down for the last few k and finish.

I did learn a few lessons on this run, most important, water and food. I almost certainly didn’t drink and eat enough and this had a bearing on my time, which although I was pleased with I really think that with better nutrition and company I could maybe have broken the 4hr mark which is what I was really aiming for.

I will put in some serious training in 2010 and then hopefully push through the 4 hr mark.

If there is anyone looking to run 42k for the first time then I think the best advice I can give once again is nutrition.


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