Trans Perth bus driver nearly killed me

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Today I was taking my usual route home via Stirling Highway just before the UWA.  There are often problems with buses pulling out on this section of road, the drivers simply pay no attention to the fact that you might get hurt as it seems there only concern is pulling out back into the traffic flow with no concern for other road users.

However today things took a turn for the worse, I literally had a bus miss me by cm’s.  The annoying thing is the driver knew I as there as I seen him hesitate and then pull out anyway.  After a gut wrenching manoeuvre  on my part I managed to aviod him.  I was noticeilby shook up and actually quite upset from the incident as I had just had a “professional” driver accept no repsonsibilty for what he had just done.

When I got my bearings back I gave chase to the driver catching him at a set of lights, he was obviously annoyed that I dared question him regaurding this matter promptyly closing his window and telling me to “fuck off” as the light changed he accelerated away.  I then caught him at a bus stop, were I was greeted with more profanity and once again the F bomb as he drove off.

Is this the sort of behaviour we expect from bus drivers, surely commuters and bus’s both are designed to ease congestion, surely were on the same team.  I snapped a picture of this imbecile and he had no issue in acting up for the camera, totally disgusting behaviour. I will be contacting Transperth tomorrow to get there side of the story. Until then here is the Rego and the buffoon himself



UPDATE 19/10/09

I have received a call from “Jim” from the Transperth depot today, Jim is the person who has investigated my alledged incident.  I was told that there was nothing that he could do to help me with my complaint.  I further pushed the issue of the drivers swearing asking if they had reviewed the tapes.  Jim would not answer the question and considered the matter closed seeing as he had spoken to the driver.  Jim also claims that the driver is a keen cyclist.

I cannot accept his findings, although I wonder what difference making any more fuss will make.  I am seriously thinking of filing a police report just to make it more official.

Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts

  1. Hi

    I feel your pain and strongly agree reporting it to Transperth. They have an online form for doing this.

    However, they do have a right a way when pulling out from a bus embayment. There are limitations on this as expained in the Road Code 2000 (as amended 30 June 2008) Section 59. See


  2. Duncan says:

    We did this to death on twitter already on the topic of Andrew’s comment, but I just thought I’d share another thought here.

    The most important thing is that you lived to tell the tale. Phew!

    This is right around the corner from my place. 2 years ago I started working for a mining company and the psychobabble safety message got to me. I stopped using Stirling Hwy as my daily commute after many near misses.

    I switched to the safer, quieter, more scenic and enjoyable alternative a couple of blocks parallel. It’s maybe 2 minutes longer but more than made up for in the fun. I still take the highway occasionally, off-peak – that hill is also really fun, especially when you live right at the top!

    That’s all. Check out the alternatives is all I’m going to say. I, probably like you, have no qualms about riding in heavy traffic on 99% of roads. Stirling Hwy, everyday, that’s in the 1% for me.

  3. Hi

    I am with Duncan here. I have made a similar switch on a section of West Coast Highway/Mamion Avenue. Decided the “hassle” of the shared path for a little while was worth more than dying on the road.


  4. craigjdurkee says:

    I don’t feel unsafe riding this section, more to the point I refuse to be put off by a single issue created by someone with a total disregard for other people’s safety.

    This issue has arose because of one incompetent driver. This driver has obviously mistaken having right of way in a situation where there other vehicle is behind the bus. Not when the other vehicle (me) is right beside him. I would have accepted it to have been one of those things if it wasn’t for the F bomb i was greeted by and his general attitude.

  5. casualcyclist says:

    I say report it to the police. He will do it again to someone else and the outcome may not be good next time. I have seen a lot of really great and considerate Transperth bus drivers. But in my experience, those who are not so considerate tend to serially re offend.

  6. juan carlos says:

    i think muffin needs to harden the f up
    cheer up princess, be thankful that natural selection didn’t take place.
    this time.

  7. KeyBoard Commando says:

    A bus driver needs to blink his indicator five times before moving away from a bus stop.

    Buses have right of way, departing bus stops (peroid)
    There is no excuse for you, if you choose to ignore their indicators, after all, there are three on them on each side of the bus.
    I a astonished at how arrogant some push bike riders are. It’s a wonder there are not lots of you killed on a daily basis. You have no regard for anyone bus yourselves.

    Very sad 😦

    • craigjdurkee says:

      I found your comment quite strange as I mention clearly in my post that the bus driver pulled out when I was parallel to him, thus not giving me any opportunity to move.

      You say yourself that drivers are obligated to blink a number of times, which did not happen and then in the next breath you say cyclists have no regard for anyone but ourselves.

      Very mixed message

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