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Posted: October 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Saturday 3rd October gave me my first real insight into group riding.  I had heard many good things about a local club called The South Perth Rouleurs.  I have to admit I was very apprehensive about completing a group ride, mainly because I had some experience of Perth cycling groups on the shared cycle ways of Perth and they are a nightmare.  Ripping up the shared tracks at 40kph plus on a weekend when the paths are alive with family and pets doing there weekend thing.  I had been told that the SPR ride was well organised and very well run, with the guys running it not tolorating any bad behavior or the breaking of road rules.

The ride itself kicks off from the Coode Street car park in South Perth and runs for around 50 or so KM.  I got there a bit early and was a bit shy as there were lots of fit looking people with expensive bikes and I have to be honest I felt a little bit over whelmed.  I waited pretty much on my own until  Fairy a cycling buddy of mine to turn up.  7 AM came and then there was a talk given by Peter who runs the ride.  This was very pleasing and once again showed the level of organisation and commitment from these guys.  We were all told in no uncertain terms that the running of red lights etc would not be tolerated, if there was anyone caught doing it they would be forced to sit out the next ride.

We then set off, there was lots of riders, I have to say that things got off to a slow start probably due to the size of the group as we headed down Canning Highway ( ride map here ), everyone well behaved and the pace started to pick up.  During the ride I have to say all the guys I spoke to were really nice and friendly and I really started to enjoy myself.  I was determined to have a good blast on this ride and decided to join the Fast group when the groups split and see how I faired.

When the groups split the pace did pick up and the average speed started to notch upwards, it was great flying down the roads at 45kph plus sharing the workload just like they do on TV.  I found the pace of the ride really comfortable and was eager to push further so I took my turns on the front of the group and rotated often to keep the flow of the group, great stuff.

The whole group stayed together pretty much until the end of Vic Park when a few guys got lucky with the lights, try as I might with another few guys we could not catch the few that got away.  We then pulled into the Cafe near the Bell Tower in Perth for the guys to get a coffee.  I needed to get off at this point so off I went saying my farewells to a few of the guys I rode with.

The experience of this ride has put away lots of fears that I had about my cycling ability and now I feel that I have really moved on in terms of speed and stamina in the saddle.  I also now realise that group riding is not a bad thing, its simply down to the organisation of the guys running the group.  Why for the life of me people arrnage grops of 15-20 cyclists that ride the shared paths of Perth I dont know.

I am really looking forward to joining in again this coming Saturday.

  1. Fairy says:

    Glad u enjoyed urself Craig, look forward to u joining us for many more rides with SPR.

  2. Lee Davis says:

    Glad to hear you had a good experience. I’ve ridden with them before and it’s well organised. A good group. Say high to Lorraine and Anna for me! 🙂

  3. casualcyclist says:

    Awesome work. As soon as I recover I would like to start riding with SPR because they are close to where I live! I have also heard good things about them.

  4. […] Ride No2 Today was the return to the SPR ride, I have done this group ride once before 2 weeks ago and was certainly keen to give it another go.  I found the first ride pretty easy. […]

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