First 1000km Focus Cayo

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Today I have completed the first 1000km on my new Focus.  Total KM so far 1070.

The bike has performed brilliantly over the last few weeks, the adjustments have been made, the fit is perfect and my cycling is coming along in leaps and bounds.  I reviewed the bike in a previous post and was very happy from the start I just feel that I now I am in a better position to give a real opinion seeing as I have spent many hours in the saddle on various types of rides, hills, flat and commutes.

The bike still feels like it did the day I set it up, its smooth and solid feel makes for a really confident approach to my cycling.  The Campy components feel very different to Shimano which is the only thing I had used until this bike.  The shifters are much more thought out, greater area for gripping and much easier to brake when down in the drops giving it some beans.  I also like the mechanics of the unit, the single button to drop down a gear works very well, much more so than the cumbersome double mechanism of the Shimano.

I cant say that the addition of the extra gear has made much of a difference but its also nice to know its there shoudl I need it.  I also like the carbon look, just makes you want to ride faster so your in tune with the bike.

The frame is very stiff and light and doesn’t flinch when you apply the power up a long steep hill.  Downhill is a great confidence boost over my previous bike also.  I feel much more attached to the bike, I think the smoothness helps as I dont feel like the bike is twitching beneath me, a common thing apparently on the Giant TCR.

The Fulcrum wheels have remained totally true and run very well, there’s a great noise from the rear free hub and all in all a great wheel-set.  In saying this I think that the wheel set is quite a low choice in comparison to the rest of the components and this will be my first upgrade in the coming weeks, they will be changed for a set of higher end Campy wheels or some high end Mavics.

I will do a home service on the bike at 1500km consisting of a degrease and lube plus once again check all bolts for tension, safety first.

On reflection I was apprehensive about purchasing a bike mail order, but the whole experience has proving to be nothing short of amazing, great savings and no trouble at all.  I am still very happy with my new bike and am loving riding it.

  1. Reg Edwards says:

    I have been looking closely the last couple of days at the focus range, they do look really good.
    I wonder if there is any chance of catching up and having a look at your bike. I live in Bateman near Leach highway and would cycle to wherever to have a look.
    Great you have had no worries with bike, packing delivery etc
    Regards Reg

  2. craigjdurkee says:

    Yeah that is no problem at all. I work in Claremont so the bike is usually there during the day. Although your welcome to come to Como any evening or weekend to see it.

    Just email me craigdurkee at gmail dot com to tie something up

  3. Frank says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and experiences with your new bike. I am also interested in purchasing a similar bike but I am concerned about size. What size is your bike and do you find the fit good for your height. May I ask your height and inseam length so I can guage as to what size to order

  4. Ema says:

    Do you know anywhere I can buy The ‘Focus Cayo Expert Campa 2009’ now because most shops don’t sell them anymore. Also how ,uch does it cost new is English £’s

    Thanks Alot


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