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As anyone who reads this blog regularly, if there are any such people will know last Wednesday I ordered a new bike from  I have been toying with the idea of replacing my aging Giant for a while now.  A trip to Fremantle last week got the juices flowing even more when I almost purchased a bike from Bikeforce.  Not wanting to commit without shopping around I put it on the back burner until more research could be undertaken.

I was shocked with the high prices and relatively low spec models that are available on the market here in Australia at the moment.  Understandably the A$ had taken a beating in recent months, however there had to be a better way.  Move over for Wiggle.  As most of you know I have ordered from them in the past and found the service, cost and delivery times to be out of this world.  A friend of mine @scottdaivs had also bought a bike recently from them and he was impressed, testament enough to give them a try myself.

I had a few concerns, oddly enough non of them were down to wiggle, the first was customs, would this hold the buying process up much.  Secondly, assembling the bike.  So here is the story of ordering a bike from overseas.

Wed 19th August

Bike ordered from  Order acknowledged and processed within 12 hours of the order being placed.

A few hours later I received an email asking which side I would like the front brake fitted.  I responded to this immediately as I have push email on my phone.  Wiggle were equally as quick thanking me for my information and actioning the request.

Fri 21st August

Bike arrives in Perth.

Tuesday 25th August

Receive letter from Australia Post that Customs have held the bike for GST etc to be paid.  I filled out the relevant forms and faxed them across to Customs.  I then followed up to make sure they have been received, no issues.

Friday 28th August

Call from Customs, payment is ready to be made and then Australia post will release the bike.  I chose to goto Customs directly and pay over the counter and pick up the bike the same day, I was keen to not be without a bike for the weekend.

All in all really quick and awesome service from all concerned,  simply cannot find fault with the whole experience.

Assembling the bike was equally as easy.  I have never seen “anything” packed up quite so well as this bike.  It came in 2 boxes, 1 for the wheels and 1 for the frame.  The amount of protective wrapping was unreal.  Every single thing even down to the seat and post where packed with loving care.

The bike was completely set up apart from having to attach a few things such as the wheels, handle bars and rear derailier.  Another win for me as this was something I was getting nervous about.

The whole process took about an hour, most of which was making sure the packaging was removed properly and not scratching or damaging anything.  The bike is just as I imagined it, it looks awesome its light as a feather and feels very well made, just as you would expect from a German Product.

I have had just a small ride thus far, when the weather clears up later I will start the fine tuning of saddle height etc but for now I am really happy and once again give a big thumbs up for wiggle and there service.

In my opinion this is another nail in the Local Bike Store Coffin.  You can order a bike from 16,000km away have it delivered as quickly as it takes a local dealer to get a bike from the East coast.  Not to mention you will get a MUCH higher spec bike for your budget or save a stack of money in the process.  I have been unable to find anything locally or over East that even comes within a$1000 of this machine even after I paid for delivery and Customs fees.

If your in the market for a new bike, look at ALL your options before commiting.

Total Rundown of costs.

Bike a$2948

Delivery a$128.60

Customs Fee’s $514

Total cost a$3590.60

This is also including 5% duty which I have on good authority that I will get back.

  1. Andrew says:


    Sweet as and good to see it all went well. Do update us on how it rides and getting your 5% back.


  2. Greg says:

    Awesome bike at a great price. The delivery was really fast. I was expecting you would not be riding until next week and am impressed that you are already going. @ScottDavis had an equally trouble free experience which is a good recommendation. Welcome to the global marketplace.

  3. Lee says:

    Sweet ride. Looks very similar to my Focus MTB, just without the knobblies!Riding Sunday?

  4. Gus says:

    Very brave!

    Buying a few odds and sods from OS is OK but a whole bike is another story. I guess having a LBS to go back to post sale is a good thing but how often are there any issues?

    Can I ask what you think the overall saving was?


  5. craig says:

    G’day Gus. I would put the saving at around 1000 bucks from what I have found all across Australia.

    I am sad that there is such a huge difference between os and Australia as I do like to support local business. However the savings that are to be had buying abroad cannot be overlooked.

    A riding partner also purchased a focus mtb and was very pleased so my confidence level was already high.

    All my cycling business will now be going to wiggle unless it’s a total emergency. IMHO many lbs ain’t up to much anyway with the odd exeption of course

  6. DCC says:

    Good post and a great looking bike. I also took the plunge and ordered a Focus Cayo 105 from Wiggle – just waiting for my call from customs (forms were faxed back on Wednesday).

    My order process wasn’t as smooth (took around 2 weeks from date of order to land in Perth) due to their site saying they had 10+ in stock when in fact they didn’t. Apart from this (and customs processing times) I have no complaints or regrets.

    Glad to see the assembly process is straight forward as this is something that also concerned me.

  7. craig says:

    I’m sure you won’t be disapointed.

  8. Fairy says:

    Nice ride durx, look forward to seeing it in the flesh.
    Between you and @scottdavis i’m jealous for a new ride now.
    Good to hear the experience went well, really does show the difference between online and the LBS, sad state of affairs really.

  9. Leighton says:

    Nice bike. Welcome to Campagnolo 🙂 Your old bike was Shimano wasn’t it? Be interesting to see if you prefer the Campy stuff straight off or have trouble adjusting. (I pretty much started on the Campagnolo, when I’ve tried to ride someone’s shimano bike I find it incredibly irritating to use ;))


  10. […] down to Mandurah. It was bitterly cold on Sunday and never really warmed up. Craig was out on his new toy. I was still feeling a little sore from Saturday’s ride, but nothing major. The ride down to […]

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