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Today I have had a response from Glen Parker in relation to the wheel issue.  Dennis made the following comment on my original post.  I thought it better to place it in a new post rather than just tag the comment onto the original so he could have his say.  I have left it unedited so please excuse the spelling mistakes.

in response to the above name is Dennis Lightfoot and i am 1 of the owners of glen parkers .i just want to try and clear a few things up if i can .no1 yes we did stuff up on the description of the wheels not to cheat anyone we just stuffed up .result we offerd him a full refund over the phone the wheels were never returned.no2 price for cleaning bike acording to the staff member who took his bike in he did tell him it would be best to clean the whole bike seeing as he was putting new wheels and chain on and he agreed .no 3 charge for swopping wheels again he was told their would be no charge for the wheel exchange again we stuffed up but in response we also fitted the chain which did create more work than qouted .result the $15 was refunded and no charge made for the fitting of the chain.no4 as for the garmin being messed around with no one on purpose messed with the garmin maybe we pressed a wrong button when lifting it on and off the work chains or when we cleaned the bike but we dont mess with other peoples stuff unless requested to .so in summery of your complaint the only grey area is whether or not you should off been charged for the cleaning off your bike .mistakes do happen and all off the above has come about by 1 off my staff not reading a label of which i apologise but all other matters were rectified or offerd to be rectified by us .i do think you may be a little unfair in what you are saying .we are human and stuff up from time to time and i know we cant please everyone and sometimes do make mistakes but we have owned the shop for 20 years and have a lot of happy customers and some which we have  upset life is like that .i also would like to apologise for the treatment sarah had in the shop as it is not are normal way we have no gender biased policy in the shop the person who spoke to her obviosly made a mistake ,we have plenty of female customers of which we try are best to please but we are all men in here and can sometimes as in life in general stuff up it unfortunatly is a male thing and will probably happen to the end of time .please note i am writting this letter to give you a fair veiw of things that happend but admit we did and have before and will again stuff up it is a human fault that we all have of which i admit glenparkers staff and owners are no exception to it .hope this has cleared a few things up .
regards and apologies
Dennis Lightfoot

I thank Dennis for his comment and appreciate his response.

I have decided to keep the wheels I did report this offer from the store, again on the last post, as I simply cannot be bothered having any more dealings with Glen Parker, obviously I am not alone in this decision.  I will however respond to a few points.

Agreement to clean bike.  :- This was just mentioned to me briefly with no inclusion of a cost involved, there is no cost sheet or poster available in store. Maybe you should arrange for a system that allows for a document to show customers so there is no further issues for other customers.

Garmin :-  Anyone who uses a Garmin Edge will know that the on/off button is located in such a position that it is virtually impossible to switch on by accident.  I know the unit was off when I took it in as I remember when I was riding to the store that I was annoyed that I forgot to put it on and log the k’s.  Then to have accidentally pushed enough buttons to get to the navigation options, select a suburb and then switch it off again all by accident is outside the realms of possibility.

You mention the only grey area is that off cleaning the bike.  If you read the original post, I took reposnsiblity for the wheel issue.  The issue that I have is transparent pricing and service.  I wish you every success in the future and hope that the issues that have developed can be easily rectified and learnt from.  Once again Dennis thank you for replying

  1. Leighton says:

    Well, it’s good of Dennis to respond I guess, but the problem is the original behavior. Claiming that ‘everyone makes mistakes’ is a bit of a cop out – the correct response is to try and prevent the mistakes happening again. My experience with bike stores in Perth has been pretty atrocious in this regard, especially with the communication of costs – people are very bad about telling you how much things will cost and what you’re getting. This is easy to fix via simple procedures (like issuing written quotes for example).

    As an aside, I would never leave things like a Garmin/fancy lights on a bike I left at a bike store. The places are infested with unprofessional employees and there’s far too much chance of things being misplaced and/or damaged.

  2. Andrew says:


    An interesting response from Glen Parker; somehow I don’t think Dennis gets it all. Then why am I not surprised.

    I am not female but did visit the store once and asked about a roadie the would take a rack. I was treated with disdain. I was told that I would not find such a thing. Sorry Glen Parker Cycles but your staff where wrong. For one Giant’s OCR and now Defy series meet this need; secondly, there are other smaller brands which meet this need, e.g., some models distributed by Dirt Works. However what got me was the arrogant nature of the staff and the smirk I received for asking. All this while they sat around doing nothing the whole time I was in the store.

    I have never been back and have spent over $10,000 on bikes and parts since then. Glen Parker never got a look in.

    Frankly this reply does not change my view of them. I have dealt with and continue to deal with bike shops who treat me as a person and a cyclist … not hard at all.


  3. Dennis says:

    well again all i can say is sorry .i tried to explain some off the reasons but failed badly by the sounds of things .
    enjoy life
    regards Dennis

  4. craig says:

    Dennis. I for one am very glad you responded. Although I agree and feel the situation was handled badly I feel there are lots of lessons to be learnt from a bike store point of view and also a customer point of view.

    I won’t lie to you I feel your store has issues but again the fact you have responded means you give a dam thus your half way there in sorting it. The young lad when I picked my bike up for one. Possibly the worst service I have ever had in any type of store. Thus the situation escalated due to his lack of interest and empathy.

    Transparent pricing. Good manners and empathy along with knowing your market will only help your business. There have been some examples of how people regard glen Parker , mostly negative but I’m sure in time we will see many happy customers.

    Good luck Dennis once again thanks for the response

  5. Dennis says:

    sorry about the spellings

  6. A Conus says:

    I am sorry Dennis but you’re response it totally demoralizing for the author of this blog. You have given same lame apologies stating that “it happens, were not perfect etc ” when really you should have put up your hand and said THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and dealt with the issue head on.

    A refund of the buyers goods is really not good enough, the customer wanted to feel looked after, he made the point of saying he takes some of the blame himself, why didn’t you recognize this as an opportunity to rectify the issue by asking him what he wanted, or at very least giving him “options”.

    In a day and age where there is lots of competition, not just from other bike stores but also from overseas I really think you have lost many thousands of dollars in business due to this issue. Is it really that difficult a situation to solve, ask the buyer if he wanted to change for something else, offer to make up another set of wheels with a slight discount, offer a discount on future purchases. All these things are from he retail 101 something that a store owner should be more than familiar with, especially as you seem to have had lots of issues in the past.

    I hope the message has now set in good and proper and from here on in you will not simply accept this service as standard.

    Do the right thing, call/email the buyer and offer him a refund of the non transparent work carried out. Put simply make the CUSTOMER feel valued and satisfied.

    If your grammar and spelling are anything like your bike store skills maybe try an alternative career as well on a side note

  7. Pioter says:

    I bought a pair of shoes from Glen Parker’s in Nedlands. The guy in the shop said they were Italian – when I got them home they clearly said ‘Made in Taiwan’ (not that I was too bothered – but why BS me?).
    I was also told they would mount the cleats and the pedals… What a hassle that turned out to be – different young guy in the shop when I came back with my bike, looked down his nose at it ($2500 worth), and knocked it around in the workshop as I watched – care factor was a big ZERO…

    Yes I was a total n00b when I went in there… but they wont ever see me or my VISA card again.

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