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Posted: August 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Today I picked up my new wheels, exitement brimmed and I could hardly wait I had ridden on my old Mavic’s for so long that I had forgotten how they used to feel, how I used to go fast when the bike was new.

When I spotted these new wheels in the store on Saturday I only looked at them whilst they were hanging up on the pegs.  I said to the guy, “105 hubs and Open pro rims” , “yes” he replied I said I’ll take them and pick them up next week.  All was good.

I was told that they would fit the wheels to my new bike for me when ever was convienient for me, that was today.  I also then asked the store to pop a new chain on for me.  Easy you would say.  Anyway I went to pick the bike up this afternoon and upon collection I was greeted with the following bill.

$55 for the chain (no problems)

$35 for a clean and degrease (which I did not ask for)

$15 for fitting the wheels (which I was told would be free)

I put this to the assistant who got quite defensive and stroppy telling me you dont expect to get things for free do you.  Well actually no I don’t however I do expect something to be free when I am told it is.  I also expect transparent pricing and to be only charged for things that are agreed and prices confirmed prior to the work taking place.

Whats more the attitude of a store dealing with a potential high spending customer over the future years was a shock.  The guy eventually knocked of $15 but hey I am already pretty annoyed.

The plot thickens

After calling up to book my bike in and telling them I’m the guy with the 105 and open pro rims and no one correcting me once I discover when I return to work that the rims are actually Mavic MA3 not the open pro’s.

I also had to ask for my helmet that I left with the bike, this was no where to be found until it was noticed it had been placed in one of the clearance bins within the store.

Upon getting on the bike to ride home as well I have noticed that the store has been messing around with my Garmin, I wondered why there was loads of bleeping on the way home, they had been messing around with the navigation settings.  This is so unprofessional, they have no place playing with other peoples equipment

Calling the store didn’t really get me anywhere, not that I thought it would.  However my one and only experience with Glen Parker will be my last.

My findings

I take some of the responsibility for not checking in more detail however when you confirm verbally what they are with the store you expect that to be the case.  The fact that they did not want to do anything to rectify ot help this awkward situation is shocking.  I for one will be sending them an open letter in a subsequent blog post to hear there thoughts.

UPDATE 2:20pm 6th Aug

Spoke to Phil at the store and offered me a refund, actually really polite to deal with.  I’ll put it down to a combination of not checking my end.  Although I am not happy with the way I was dealt with yesterday I feel content with Phils solution and am now once again HAPPY

EDIT This is Glen Parker in Nedlands not the one on Albany Highway

  1. Lee Davis says:

    That’s not good at all mate. GP are normally a very good store and pretty decent customer care.

    Did they write any specs down when you ordered?

  2. Fairy says:

    what a load of bollocks, be interested to hear your follow up on this.
    Pretty average service from the sound of it.

  3. craig says:

    To be honest guys as I mentioned I take responsibility for the error in wheels, although they were certainly in no hurry to correct me.

    But there attitude and lack of interest in keeping me happy was shocking.

    Ill send the open letter tonight and put it on here, ill be sure to let you know how I go

  4. Andrew says:


    If the rims are not better than what you where told they where I would take them back and demand a full refund or the correct rims. If they don’t come to the party, contact the Department of Employment and Consumer Protection and let them have a friendly chat to Glen Parker Cycles. I suspect Glen Parker Cycles will suddenly become very cooperative.

    All the best on this one.


  5. Andrew says:

    Oh they are not commonly known as Glen Parker Wankers for nothing …. 🙂


  6. John Carpenter says:

    Although I have had good service from GP in the past I refuse to shop there now. To me it seems that if your not riding a $5000 Italian frame there just not interested.

    My business will be going else where and has done for the last 6 months or so

  7. Good to hear you are getting a refund. I assume they can’t provide the wheels you wanted? If not, you should consider Wiggle et al and probably save a packet whilst you are at it.


  8. Greg says:

    How much were those wheels?

  9. craig says:

    They were $350. All up not a bad buy. I’m just annoyed at the whole incident that’s all.

  10. Greg says:

    I would have been annoyed too. Just comparing prices to O/S because I need a new back wheel. Rims are cheap O/S but shipping is the killer. A $39 rim with $100 shipping is not good value 🙂

  11. Sarah Coles says:

    As a female cyclist I often find buying cycling equipment difficult. There is still a definite male slant to the stores. Never has this been more apparent than in GlenParker. I have to say I find the “men” there intolerable, they are just completely not interested in speaking to females from my experience.

    My Partner who coincidentally does not ride, had all of the attention of the staff there and they virtually ignored me. I was the one actually looking to purchase a bike.

    I have also spread the word regarding GlenParker and literally tell everyone I know never to shop there as there service or lack thereof is just completely unacceptable.

    I appreciate that this is a Male dominated sport, however I and lots of my friends love cycling, we need somewhere that we can feel comfortable browsing and purchasing from Glen Parker certainly is not the place.

    I applaud the writer of this blog for pointing out the bad experience he suffered at the store and wish more and more people would speak there mind.

    With regards to transparent pricing. If there is no pricing list at the store, plus no price was agreed before hand then you should not have to pay. I can see many bike stores getting reputations like car mechanics had the past.

    This must stop.

  12. Greg says:

    Sarah, that is bad. The same thing happened to my sister when she wanted a car. Velogrrl at is a keen cyclist and has been promoting Women on Wheels. She may know of a LBS where the customer service is not so gender biased.

  13. craig says:

    I agree Sarah, look on the forums as well there’s always good advice available most of which is impartial.

    Thanks for telling your story and thanks so much for reading

  14. Dennis says:

    in response to the above name is Dennis Lightfoot and i am 1 of the owners of glen parkers .i just want to try and clear a few things up if i can .no1 yes we did stuff up on the description of the wheels not to cheat anyone we just stuffed up .result we offerd him a full refund over the phone the wheels were never returned.no2 price for cleaning bike acording to the staff member who took his bike in he did tell him it would be best to clean the whole bike seeing as he was putting new wheels and chain on and he agreed .no 3 charge for swopping wheels again he was told their would be no charge for the wheel exchange again we stuffed up but in response we also fitted the chain which did create more work than qouted .result the $15 was refunded and no charge made for the fitting of the chain.no4 as for the garmin being messed around with no one on purpose messed with the garmin maybe we pressed a wrong button when lifting it on and off the work chains or when we cleaned the bike but we dont mess with other peoples stuff unless requested to .so in summery of your complaint the only grey area is whether or not you should off been charged for the cleaning off your bike .mistakes do happen and all off the above has come about by 1 off my staff not reading a label of which i apologise but all other matters were rectified or offerd to be rectified by us .i do think you may be a little unfair in what you are saying .we are human and stuff up from time to time and i know we cant please everyone and sometimes do make mistakes but we have owned the shop for 20 years and have a lot of happy customers and some which we have upset life is like that .i also would like to apologise for the treatment sarah had in the shop as it is not are normal way we have no gender biased policy in the shop the person who spoke to her obviosly made a mistake ,we have plenty of female customers of which we try are best to please but we are all men in here and can sometimes as in life in general stuff up it unfortunatly is a male thing and will probably happen to the end of time .please note i am writting this letter to give you a fair veiw of things that happend but admit we did and have before and will again stuff up it is a human fault that we all have of which i admit glenparkers staff and owners are no exception to it .hope this has cleared a few things up .
    regards and apologies
    Dennis Lightfoot

  15. Michael says:

    Hey Craig, just to clarify, I’m guessing you guys are speaking of the Glen Parker shop in Nedlands, as opposed to the Glen Parker South ( store in Cannington?

    As far as I’m aware (could be mistaken), they are owned and run by different people… I haven’t had any sour dealings with them before, and they seem like a good bunch of people.. just though I’d throw that in so that they didn’t necessarily get painted with the same brush, if you know what I mean =]

  16. craig says:

    Yes Michael it is I have popped a small edit at the bottom just to clarify

  17. […] response from Glen Parker in relation to the wheel issue.  Dennis made the following comment on my original post.  I thought it better to place it in a new post rather than just tag the comment onto the original […]

  18. […] shops conduct their business.  I know of others who have issues with local bikes shops such as Durx with Glen Parker Cycles and myself with Fleet Cycles and it seems to me that there is no surprise when people shop overseas […]

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