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Posted: July 31, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Shared Path’s.  The name says it all.  However I have noticed an increased lack of education by people on the local shared paths here in Perth.  I am a cyclist, I pretty much only use the path for cycling, but I am fully aware of the fact that others use it for other activitites, walking, running, roller blading and whatever else people enjoy doing.

As a cyclist I am very concious of those around me, I am constantly on the look out for people, I really do not want an accident whilst using one of the public paths.  The biggest issue I have seen of late is parents with kids, recently lots of people have been on the paths while really paying no attention to other people.   Kids wandering into the oncoming path of cyclists, no supervision what so ever.  On more than one occasion I have made eye contact with the parents and they still refuse to acknowledge that I am coming, at the last minute there kids, dogs etc wander right in front of me making me either swerve dangerously or having to nearly stop.

Of course then you get the abuse “slow down”  today I actually had this happen and decided to stop and “discuss” this with the guy.  I explained that we were both using a “shared” path, suitable for everyone to use.  I then explained to him that for his and more importantly his young sons safety he really should be paying more attention.  Needless to say I got the people on foot have priority card played on me.  I once again explained that for his own safety and that of his family he pays more attention.

I personally do not want to feel responsible if anything like this happens, however I really think that Perth City need to make there signs more educational, ie watch out for cyclists etc.

I have also seen a large increase in cyclists and pedestrians using the paths during hours of darkness with no lighting what so ever.  This is really dangerous, people running with no lights or reflectors often wearing black clothes as well, are these people looking for an accident I personally wouldn’t want a bike ploughing into the back of me at 40kp/h when I’m out running, or a head on with a cyclist with no headlights.

Anyway thats enough of my gripe, I’m sure nothing will change however I really hope it does.  I would appreciate your comments if you have any.

  1. Lee Davis says:

    Bloody hell mate. Not sure if it’s a case of great minds think alike but I wrote a post on same topic.

    Good post. I feel bad now. Should have just linked this!

  2. Fairy says:

    Lol!! good work guys.
    Feel your pain every time I get out there.
    Had a similar incident last night, went to go around a rollerblader who decided to fan out across both lanes, slowed to avoid the collision then got stuck and almost had a head on with a fellow cyclist.
    Also your point on Pedestrians having priority, i feel is the work of the council. You always see painted on the path to be ‘cautious of walkers’ or ‘Slow for pedestrians’ but never look out for cyclists, or give way to cyclists. It is as mentioned a “Shared Path”.

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