Perth -Welshpool Rd- Mundaring Loop

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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This Saturday was the first hill ride since I famously attempted a hill ride a few weeks ago without eating anything before setting out.  Needless to say that one ended in disaster with me literally running out of energy on the last 15km or so.

This time I made sure that I had breakfast, weirdly a Spinach and cheese sandwich filled the gap.  I also remembered to take a few snacks along for the ride as well.  The meeting point was Mends Street Jetty in South Perth, at 7am.  I arrived with a minute or so to spare, already waiting was Scott and Don, Don was simply there to say hi before bailing out on the hills for a flat ride around the river, great to meet him and am looking forward to seeing him on the ascents real soon.

So off we went towards Welshpool Road, we were doing a route that Scott downloaded from Mapmyride, it looked good on paper and offered a relatively easy route to the hills, which was welcome.  We were also greeted by a great day weather wise, bright and clear and no rain in the air which was something I had been concerned about the previous few days due to the rainy nature of the week.

We soon got into the hills, I love them.  For some reason as soon as I see a hill I just feel the need to push on and up.  I feel really comfortable climbing, despite not really riding any hills since my move from Melbourne last August.  I managed to knock all the up hills off without any issue at all, even in some places looking down at the HRM and thinking dam I have lots more left should I require it, I think I’m a lazy rider at heart.


A quick rest at Kalamunda for my ginger bread man and a quick chat and we were on our way again.  More hills greeted us upto Mundaring, followed by a trip through some great country roads and national parks before heading back towards the city.


As you can imagine with 1300 plus meters of climbing we had some great decents as well, really being able to get down on the saddle and hit some high speed corners which is always fun,  although I do remember being able to descend quicker when I was carrying more weight, something I’m not going to complain about.

Scott as usual put his foot down on the flat, he really does have great flat road speed, luckily this time I had no issues staying with him.

I would also like to comment on the performance of the Garmin 705 which was out in it’s first big ride, I loved the features, performance and geekiness of the whole package.  I found myself analyizing data constantly, most of which was actuallly really helpful in helping me guage how I was doing.  Another plus was that we were both using 705’s and could compare things like gradient’s and elevation.  Happily I can say they seemed deadly accurate with both units showing exactly the same readings.  Scott also got very excited when he spotted that a few areas of the ride had not been completed on openstreetmaps, he was keen to remedy this on his return home.

Some specs from the ride follow. You can also check the live page from Garmin here

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Como to the hills

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Como to the hills-1

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Como to the hills-2

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Como to the hills-3

  1. Lee Davis says:

    Nice write up mate. I had a 55k shake down today. Looking forward to Sunday


  2. craig says:

    yeah had a 45km Freo loop today as well, sunday will for sure hurt, pick a real nasty HILLY ride

  3. john handle says:

    Awesome ride report and data from the garmin, so you would recommend the 705 yeah ?

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