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Posted: June 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
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OK. So most of you know I hav been eyeing up a LHT for sometime and today I went and picked her up.  Its a 60cm frame which fits me perfectly.  Its a complete build direct from Surly with just a few slight mods to start me off.

The stock saddle has come of making way for a Brooks B-17 it has Topeak rear rack, fenders and Planet Bike Lights.

Total Cost $2200.

I will update the post as I fit new items and give you run down on rides and servicing on the bike as time goes by.

surly LHT



I would also like to take a bit of time to compliment the service that I recieved from Bikeforce down in South Perth.  The whole experience with them from start to finish really makes me feel the need to plug there store.

Mickey who has dealt with me from the start has proved very knowledgable and also really passionate about the Surly and also touring in general.  The bike fit was simple yet effective with the product feeling really well put together and fitted properly.  Not once was there a tendancy to rush the process.

I was also invited back should anything need adjusting, upgraded or just simply changed to help make the bike more enjoyable.  Everything was thought through on there behalf.  Even to the point of popping some spare spokes on the frame, popping some pedals and lights on so I could get home safely all at no cost.

I am really looking forward to a great relationship from the store and am sure that I will purchase many things from them in the future.

  1. Lee Davis says:

    Nice mate. Taken her out for a long ride yet?

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  3. admin says:

    Weathers a bit shitty to be taking a new bike out mate.
    Heres to wondering if next weekend might be any better

  4. Dave (madrapper) says:

    Looks awesome mate 🙂 Mickey has restored my faith in bike shops – glad you had a good experience too 🙂 Need to organise a ride when we all take out our ‘alternative’ bikes 🙂

  5. craig says:

    Yeah he really is s champ mate, looked after me to a T. I was really impressed by everything so far fingers crossed the after sales is just as good. Somehow I think it will be.

  6. Andrew says:


    Looks nice. Enjoy.

    BTW those spare spokes come courtesy of Surly 🙂 Check out the right chain stay … has a neat little braze on to hold the chain when you take the wheel off.

    Check out the Surly Owners’ Group for more good oil on riding your new toy.


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