Every phone I have ever had (i think)

Posted: March 1, 2009 in apple, iphone, mobiles
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Whilst sitting at home the other day my good lady decided that she waned to play around with my iPhone, something she really has had zero interest in since I got it back in July 08.  I was pleasantly surprised when she actually told me that she thought it was cool and easy to use.

This got me thinking how much mobiles have come along since my first analogue OKI handset that I had way back in the Early 90’s on Vodafone in the UK.

So I thought I would just write a quick post which lists them, so here goes.

1. OKI handset unsure of model but it looked like this one below,


2. Motorola MR1

My first digital handset, could even receive txt messages, but not send them.

Motorola MR1

3. Motorola MR30

This time the ability to send TXT was included, although at this time I didn’t know anyone that had one


4. Nokia 2110

Getting modern now.



5. Nokia 402


6. Nokia 702 (orange)


7 Nokia  Banana Phone


8. Nokia 8210

First real small handset


9. Ericsson T68

First Colour Phone


10. Nokia Slide Phone

Colour was to slow, time for cool


11. Motorola Timeport


12. Orange SPV

First windows mobile phone, cool features shockingly slow


13. Nokia N70


14. Sony Ericsson w800i


15. Motorola v3x


16. Nokia n73




18. Apple iPhone 3G 16gb


I am sure there are going to be some that I have missed, but that pretty much sums up most of the phones, changes have been plenty and obviously for the better, saying that the battery power of older nokia’s like the 8210 have yet to be beaten on todays phones.

Maybe now we have all these great features from the likes of Apple etc its time to concentrate on the little things like battery time and ringing volume, something that was never a problem in the past.

What’s your favorite phone

And Now I want an iPad

  1. Nice post. You’ve had a fair few phones there! I haven’t had nearly as many, maybe about 6 or 7 in my lifetime. My favourite to date is obviously the iPhone; fits my needs well, and is the first phone I’ve had with a data plan, which – of course – I now couldn’t live without.

    That said, my Sony Ericsson W900i (here’s a good pic: http://mobiset.ru/photos/feb/09/sonyericsson_w900i/04.jpg ) was an awesome phone simply because it was so unique and rare. It had a swivel mechanism to open it, and the camera and music player were pretty kick-ass for its time.

    Ahh, memories… 🙂

  2. idurx says:

    Yeah I have to agree with you on Sony Ericsson the w800 I had was a great little handset, with awesome battery life and a great little camera, like you I am in love with my iPhone, saying that I’m keen for them to bring some great hardware improvements now they have the software right.

  3. stephanie says:

    i had the Motorola v3x the second phone i had and was the frirst phone i can store music on to

  4. Andreea says:

    Super mi-as dori un iphone 3 g din toata inima mea please

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