Your not so local bookstore

Posted: August 10, 2008 in books, ramblings, reading

Ok, here goes time for a bit of a rant.  Books.  I love them, however since moving to Australia, access to cheap books has pretty much been non existent.  It seems that this is one of many area’s that companies really do overcharge us in the great land.

How I miss popping down to the local supermarket and picking up a great read, a bit of pocket change could get you the latest James Paterson novel or someone of interest’s Autobiography.  It seems even places that sell cut price books such as Kmart or Target are way off the level of bargain I am used to.
However whilst searching through the world wide web a few weeks ago I came across a British website selling books, cheap and with free “world wide delivery”.  I had to give them a try.  So I found my way to and ordered my first title from them, How to lose friends and Alienate People, an awesome look into the life of a guy with all the opportunities and none of the motivation.  I loved it.  However back to the website.  
The books were ordered, quickly and easily.  The website is very user friendly, searching and checkout also easily navigated and quick.  Postage was SO quick, well packed and of course as mentioned free.  This is a big blow to Australian book retailers, Borders etc should be ashamed charging what they do when a company 16,000km away can get the books here cheaper and just as quick as  ordering online from an Aussie company.
5/5 from me all my purchases will from now on go straight to the UK.
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  1. Rajinder says:

    Sweeet! I know where I’ll be doing my book shopping from now on! Awesome find, and thanks for sharing! =D

  2. Craig says:

    Yeah having ordered a few through there and with the exchange rate being pretty good nothing here can touch it.

    There are also similar sites for DVD’s

  3. Toby says:

    Nice one. I can’t believe how cheap this works out, even with the exchange rate. I got used to cheap books when I lived in the US so this is perfect 🙂

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